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Summer camp 

In 2016, KWF Norway's first summer camp was held - now, four years later, we have the pleasure of inviting you to KWF Norway's summer camp 2020. Last year's camp was a big improvement with the new central location, as well as better sleeping facilities. We have listened to your feedback and are working hard to make the experience at Rønningen even better. We therefore strongly believe that this year's summer camp will be the best so far!


As usual, we will have the pleasure of practicing karate in beautiful surroundings with talented instructors. True to tradition, Shihan Paul Lorist and Shihan Fernando Perez make their way to Norway. Together with Shihan Lars Høquist and Shihan Tommy Edvardsen, as well as several other Norwegian instructors, we will provide strong expertise.


Shihan Fernando Perez


Shihan Fernando Perez is from Zaragoza, Spain. He is extremely technically skilled and has created many super talents in Spain. He is always responsible for the judging panel during all the World Championships and European Championships organized by EKF / KWF / KWU. 


Shihan Paul Lorist


Shihan Paul Lorist is from the Netherlands and started practicing karate at the age of only 12 years old! He has a great talent in karate and is a recognized teacher in martial arts. In addition to the activities in his own gym, he is active for the Dutch Karate Kyokushin Kai Organization (NKKO).




Last year's camp was a big improvement with the new central location, as well as better sleeping facilities. The camp will also be at Rønning folkehøgskole this year, which is located in Grefsenåsen, Oslo. The place makes it easy for most people to travel to, because Oslo is a natural gathering point and is easy to get to, both by airplane and train.

The address is: Myrerskogveien 54, 0495 Oslo. Information about transport to the school can be found on the school’s website:

rotete Bed


The accommodation will be at the school. You will be given rooms when you arrive. You don’t need to bring anything. The school will provide everything you need to stay overnight, including towels.

Menn med kalkulator


The price of this year’s camp is as follows:


• Participant: 2395 NOK

• Family member no. 3 and up: 2265 NOK

• Parents who are with their children (food and accommodation): 1900 NOK per person

The payment must be made as soon as possible and the latest payment deadline is 1 June. If payment is made after this date, NOK 200 will be added as a fee. To ensure your registration you must pay the camp fee. 

Bank account number: 1503 73 33007

Must be marked with «summer camp 2020»


For payments outside Norway:

IBAN: NO4215037333007


Billett Graphic


Registration takes place directly through our website. Click HERE to get directly to the registration. You can also find it on the front page of our website. Final deadline for registration is May 1st. Sign up now to secure a place at the summer camp!


Pakket bagasje


  • Toiletries

  • Sneakers and overdrafts costume

  • GI, preferably 2 pcs

  • Indoor shoes

  • Swimwear and sunscreen

  • Graduation Card - KWF passport

  • Gloves-, leg-, chest- and mouth guard + susp

  • Coach tape, adhesive plaster and ice packs (recommended)

Image by Jon Tyson


If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask us! You can ask us questions directly on our facebook page: KWF Norge.


Contact persons for summer camp:

Tommy Edvardsen,


Questions about the website, technical issues regarding registration or the like:, or directly to our facebook page.